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Сергей Гольцов
борюсь с духовной и материальной нищетой

Ты есть то, что ты ешь

"You are what you eat" — the meaning of this winged phrase Hippocrates, as well as the direct impact of the quality of food on health is not thought of except that quite indifferent to their way of life. Even furious fans of fast food in the depths of the soul realize that the diet would be nice to change…

According to some scientists, physical health is 50% dependent on lifestyle, which includes the nature of human nutrition. Heredity and the environment account for 20%, and only 10% for the level of health care. So, many health problems begin with improper diet.

And it in turn leads to...

Increased sweating
Diabetes mellitus and early carbohydrate metabolism disorders
Iodine deficiency disorders and thyroid diseases
Obesity and metabolic disorders
Arterial hypertension
Diabetes mellitus and many other ailments