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Сергей Гольцов
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Health – the main joy of women

Women rarely talk about gynecological diseases, even with loved ones and, unfortunately, with the appearance of certain alarming symptoms often avoid visiting a doctor: prevent the feeling of awkwardness and fear of hearing an alarming diagnosis.
Meanwhile, contrary to stereotypes, the widespread diseases of the sexual sphere at the present stage of development of medicine are perfectly treated, without complicating further life. And here the trust of the doctor and the patient is very important.

One of the most famous and reputable gynecologists of the Tyumen region works in NEO-Clinic. Ghibert Tamara - head of the Department of gynecology, obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category, Honored doctor of Russia: "there Is an opinion that the girl does not need to go to a gynecologist before the beginning of sexual life. This is not so — a lot of female diseases can occur absolutely regardless of this fact. Therefore, starting from the age of 15-17, each representative of the beautiful half of humanity should at least once a year undergo a preventive reception.»