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Sensitive topic

Up to 60% of women of reproductive age suffer from gynecological diseases, but the disorder in the sexual sphere can be suspected independently of one of the following symptoms:
Menstrual disorders are manifested by the absence of menstruation, changes in the nature and duration of bleeding, unusually large blood loss (when a woman is forced to change pads or tampons more often, using hygiene products with an increased volume of absorption) and "breakthrough" bleeding in the middle of the cycle. 
Pain often accompanies inflammatory processes in the vagina, uterus and appendages. It is important to know: no pain except a little discomfort in the early days of the menstrual cycle can not be considered normal.
Discharge: brown, milky-white, yellowish, foamy, purulent, with an unpleasant or unusual smell of vaginal discharge — are always a cause for concern. 
Itching is noted in various pathologies of the female genital area. 
For any of these symptoms, you need expert advice. And it is better if it is a specialist with extensive experience.
"Everything that is in gynecology, we are able to do!"says Gibert Tamara Vladimirovna, head of Department of gynecology, obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category, Honoured doctor of Russia.