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What if it's a skin tumor?

This is one of the many cases of surgical removal of the skin with a tumor located on it held in NEO-Clinic. Removing holds – Hetman Aleksey Dmitrievich – head of Department of Oncology, oncologist, dentist surgeon of the highest category, PhD, course Director medical the basics of Dermoscopy, associate Professor in the Department of stomatology of the faculty Tummy, member of the expert group of the Russian society of dermatoscopy and optical diagnosis of the skin. In the field of practical interests of Alexei Dmitrievich except skin tumors include diagnosis and treatment of tumors and tumor-like diseases of the tissues of the face and neck, oral organs, jaws, salivary glands, pharynx and larynx, thyroid gland. This is what he does and has quite extensive experience as an operating oncologist. When excision of large tumors, plastic closure of the skin defect is performed: plastic with local tissues, plastic with a free skin flap. As anesthesia – local anesthesia, anesthesia. NEO-Clinic has all the possibilities for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with tumors of external localization and prenatal diseases: specialists, hospital, operating room, experienced anesthesiologists.

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Watch what you take, otherwise... you'll get better!

Few of my colleagues remember the glorious time when not only a comprehensive approach based on objective knowledge was used in the treatment of skin diseases and sexually transmitted infections, but also Immunostimulants were used, especially for the treatment of late forms of syphilis. Further...

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Затрудненное дыхание, постоянно заложенный нос, снижение обоняния и головные боли доставляют массу неудобств для социально активного человека и могут сильно повлиять на качество жизни. В случае, если медикаментозное лечение аллергического или вазомоторного ринита не дает положительного результата, в NEO-Clinic врач-оториноларинголог проводит лазерную вазотомию носовых раковин. Это наиболее щадящий способ оперативного вмешательства. 

Features of the clinical course of the family form of myofibrillar desmin-dependent myopathy
Features of the clinical course of the family form of myofibrillar desmin-dependent myopathy

Desmopathy is a rare hereditary disease associated with a mutation in the DES gene, which is a kind of myofibrillar myopathy. With this disease, it is possible to damage skeletal, cardiac, smooth muscles, as well as diaphragm. In clinical practice, desminopathy is a difficult diagnostic task. In this article, the clinical case of the family form of myofibrillar myopathy with the established mutation c.1021A> C (Thr341Pro) in the DES gene in the heterozygous state is considered. We present a family study in a cumulative calculus of over 100 years describing the dynamics of clinical manifestations, morphological, cardiological and electromyographic parameters.

Key words: desmin, DES, desminopathy, myofibrillar myopathy, mutation, cancer, electromyography, heart failure

About Incas, expeditions and how in life one should remember death.
About Incas, expeditions and how in life one should remember death.

Interview for the author's program "Persona" Anatoly Konstantinovich Omelchuk on the TV channel Russia24 Region-Tyumen.