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NEO-method at “Parade of Clinics”

Dear friends, colleagues! “Parade of Clinics” has come to an end: the first All-Russian contest as part of IV National Congress “Plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology”. This premier contest involved famous clinics which meet the world’s highest standards and set the bar to the whole field of aesthetic medicine in Russia. It was a great honor to be invited to this contest: nomination of NEO-Clinic at “Parade of Clinics” was another mark of recognition of services of our doctors and staff members on the national level.

In the presentation, together with the medical doctor, Ph.D. in Medical Science, Goltsova Elena Nikolayevna, we would like to talk once again about making the dream come true: from working together as doctors who render dermatological and cosmetological medical treatment of high quality to establishing a unique multi-specialty clinic in the Tyumen region.

To talk about NEO-Clinic being a professional environment where quality and mutual integration of medical services, science and postgraduate education have been a matter of priority for 10 years and have made it possible to create comfortable conditions for work, communication and personal growth of all the staff members. All these factors contribute to high quality of the medical services provided and humane attitude to the patient.

This principle of NEO-Clinic structure has become a constant driver for growth of aesthetic medicine, cosmetology and dermatology as well as for development of new activity areas such as plastic surgery, assisted reproductive technologies, gynaecology, phlebology and many others including the innovative ones – production of the wound healing medication Cellgel which has found an application both in Russia and in some foreign countries.