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Сергей Гольцов
борюсь с духовной и материальной нищетой

NEO-Clinic has been working for you for 12 years

I remember, in 2003, we sit on the floor in our apartment, we rake out papers and drafts, putting them in a box called "our dissertations" and dreaming aloud how to open the Clinic. To my question how to call it, Elena exclaimed without hesitation: NEO! So, for 12 years now we have been doing a joint business with a highly professional team, writes NEO-Clinic history every day in a variety of events, in the name of the beauty and health of hundreds of thousands of patients. Congratulations on the holiday of all our dear colleagues, thank you for the cooperation and responsiveness of all partners and cherish the confidence of patients who chose NEO-Clinic.

Many numbers say something, but the number 12 is special, it always has a sacred meaning or is shrouded in secrets, represents the completeness of the circle or a self-contained cycle. And, for NEO-Clinic, 12 keeps the memories of years and the history of the relationship of a large medical team with a huge number of patients.