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Hitting the road again! This time it is Papua (the island of New Guinea)

This time I’m going to take part in the journey to Papua (the island of New Guinea). As you remember the previous expeditions were held in Africa, in 2012 – in its western part, and in 2011 – these were the countries of East Africa. According to the organizer of the expedition Professor A.G. Teslinov: “the formula and object of study will be CULTURE – as a resource of development. It is common knowledge that we create culture ourselves and it possesses us in its turn. How can that happen? Can a man devoid of its powers?”


This October – November we will be looking for the answers to these questions as part of and accompanied by an expert in tropical jungle, Ph.D. in Geography, a traveller, the author of the project “Secret Meridian” and just an interesting person Dmitriy Chernyakhovskiy. And we will conceive the obtained LIVE experience throughout all our lives…

We will try to delve into the phenomenon of CULTURE, its mechanisms and its life-giving and/or devastating powers. To delve into the issues which should be understood by every active man of affairs on the cultural “intersections” we come across. The results of our live research through living there will make it possible to develop cultures of the social communities which we create with our own hands.