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Сергей Гольцов
служу искусству врачебного сомнения

The Way Home

The travel notes of the dermatologist, scientist, traveller and photographer Sergey Goltsov who in 2016 was a member of the International Scientific Expedition crew Kon-Tiki II as ship’s doctor. The book represents a Russian man’s outlook of the adventurous voyage of an international crew while crossing the Pacific ocean on balsa rafts. The book is based on the author’s blog posts which he shared online, fulfilling his promise to write about the events which took place on their way from Easter Island to the shores of South America. The reader follows the trip with the author’s eyes line after line starting with the preparation for the expedition up to the long-awaited fishing process while braving another gale. At the same time the author shares brilliant metaphors when showing a vivid and lively succession of the events happening on Easter Island, in the Pacific Ocean and on the Rahiti Tane raft itself; the author’s numerous photos from his personal archives and his reflections on the trip immerse the reader into the atmosphere of this unique journey significant from the historic and scientific point of view.

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