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Rashes, itching, periodic skin problems – directly to us!

The skin is the largest organ of man. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is a huge number of skin diseases — about 20 thousand. Statistically, the most common group of skin diseases that are the cause for treatment to the doctor are dermatoses and dermatitis — diseases of non-infectious nature, accompanied by itching, peeling and discoloration of the skin. Such diseases are observed in children and adults suffering from allergies and immunodeficiency. 

The peculiarity of skin diseases is that their presence does not become obvious from the earliest stages. Timely diagnosis and treatment is a necessary condition for a quick return to a full life. NEO-Slinic has modern and today the most effective medical equipment that allows to treat skin diseases, including PUVA therapy. It is most often used to treat severe psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, vitiligo and fungal mycosis. 

The clinic will help you to determine the cause of the disease and offer the most effective treatments. Thousands of patients thanks to NEO-Clinic doctors have already got rid of skin problems and returned to a full life! 

Call - we will write to our doctors +7 3452 689-003 NEO-Clinic Tyumen, Nemtsov street, 4 https://neo-clinic.com