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Сергей Гольцов
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Live Parallel GLOBAL

After twelve years of successful expeditionary experience, the LIVING PARALLEL broadens the horizon of its search. Since 2019, the program of continuous round-the-WORLD STUDY of the possibilities of Culture as a "second nature" and man in local cultures has been continuing.

Phase 1.
New Zealand – 2019

Phase 2.
South and Central Africa 2021

Phase 3.
South America and countries
Caribbean – 2022

Step 4.
North America – 2023

Step 5.
Central and East Asia – 2024

Phase 6.
Mediterranean (Mediterranean) – 2025

The common research goal of the expeditions is a LIVING PARALLEL – Global – a conceptual resolution of the contradiction between the individual freedoms of people and the captivity of Culture. In this fundamental contradiction unfolds the whole history of the sustainable existence of life in its continuous change of forms.