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Удаление сосудов на аппарате Fotona


Ринопластика в NEO-Clinic


Lecture "Diagnosis: The Traveler"

International Festival in Travel and Tourism named after N.N. Miklouho-Maclay "Russian traveler" was held in Orel.

My lecture "Diagnosis: The Traveler", planned in three parts, one for each day of the festival, was received with interest by world-famous travelers. But, as they say, tell God about your plans and he will laugh - and it happened. The third part, in my opinion the most important, because of the time-bound regulation was not brought to the listeners. However, in this there was a plus, as this is the best reason to continue the relationship outside the festival and breaking the boundaries, regardless of the distance to complete the scheduled. Let's do it, my friends!

KON-TIKI II: Aweary by the Wind


Дело в том, что есть путешественники, а есть романтики, которым не безразлична судьба состоявшегося события и благодаря которым это событие не предается забвению, а оставляет свой след в истории. Так, мне посчастливилось вспомнить моих друзей, плоты и прожить эту экспедицию вновь ... 

The Way Home

Welcome to the NEO team

Welcome to the NEO team

NEO-Clinic updates the equipment park and invites physicians to work, who share our values ​​is the provision of quality medical care and a compassionate, humane attitude to each patient. 12 years NEO-Clinic offers its doctors:

Work on the best and top equipment - this month, doctors will start working on new steep devices for plastic surgery, gynecology and cosmetology
Stable and work-related pay and full social package
Comfortable working conditions
Participation in the NEO team and absolute support for personal and professional development.
Send a resume by reference - I'll talk to everyone!

NEO-Clinic: kindness is the most important!


About Incas, expeditions and how in life one should remember death.

About Incas, expeditions and how in life one should remember death.

Interview for the author's program "Persona" Anatoly Konstantinovich Omelchuk on the TV channel Russia24 Region-Tyumen.

Conceptual recovery of public health service

Conceptual recovery of public health service

The article makes it clear that the problems of public health service are strategic in nature. That is why only tactical strategic decisions on its development can significantly influence such basic indicators as the sickness rate, the life-span and the ability to work of the population. The conceptual nature of public health service, substantiating the necessity of its conceptual restructuring, is revealed. The scenario of public health service innovative upgrade based on the conceptual technologies, taking into account of the system approach and the cultural context in their inseparability is suggested.

Keywords: Public health care, conceptual restructuring, innovative scenario, system approach, the cultural context