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Дышите глубже!


Затрудненное дыхание, постоянно заложенный нос, снижение обоняния и головные боли доставляют массу неудобств для социально активного человека и могут сильно повлиять на качество жизни. В случае, если медикаментозное лечение аллергического или вазомоторного ринита не дает положительного результата, в NEO-Clinic врач-оториноларинголог проводит лазерную вазотомию носовых раковин. Это наиболее щадящий способ оперативного вмешательства. 

Live Parallel GLOBAL

After twelve years of successful expeditionary experience, the LIVING PARALLEL broadens the horizon of its search. Since 2019, the program of continuous round-the-WORLD STUDY of the possibilities of Culture as a "second nature" and man in local cultures has been continuing.

Stage 1 has already taken place in New Zealand, and the next stage is ahead – South and Central Africa – 2021 

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I eat what I make!

I eat what I make!


Tanks, hands and how to " answer for the Bazaar»

The other day I happened to freeze my hands. Yes, not that frostbite, and not frostbite at all, but so, slightly freeze. All right, all right-my gloved fingers froze, so I remembered a story told by a patient at the reception.

The joints make themselves known?

Worried about joints? Get advice from an experienced orthopaedic traumatologist.

Intimate recovery after childbirth

Talk about intimate? Childbirth is associated with the joy of motherhood, but its consequences-changing the size and shape of the labia, stretching the walls of the vagina, and more-can affect a woman's self-esteem and cause problems in the intimate sphere.

NEO-life: About NEO-Clinic history, culture, zeitgeist and development trends

NEO-life: About NEO-Clinic history, culture, zeitgeist and development trends

Watch what you take, otherwise... you'll get better!

Few of my colleagues remember the glorious time when not only a comprehensive approach based on objective knowledge was used in the treatment of skin diseases and sexually transmitted infections, but also Immunostimulants were used, especially for the treatment of late forms of syphilis. Further...

What if it's a skin tumor?

This is one of the many cases of surgical removal of the skin with a tumor located on it held in NEO-Clinic. Further...

Cancer is not a death sentence!

How often should I go to the oncologist-mammologist? First of all, you need to choose the "right" day of the cycle for a visit to the doctor...