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Message from His Majesty the King

Friends, I have a great event! Every letter matters, but today is a special day – the first time in my life I received a letter from the ruling monarch. More...

Cradles of Culture

Cradles of Culture

As a doctor, I repeatedly observed the development of a human embryo from several cells, witnessing the mystery of the appearance of life in the embryological laboratory. Also, as when a long time ago an organism emerged from the first cells, and then a person developed, now having made a population of the planet in seven billion three hundred million, life on the Earth also originated. But, one thing is birth, and the other is development. Read more...

Lecture "Diagnosis: The Traveler"

International Festival in Travel and Tourism named after N.N. Miklouho-Maclay "Russian traveler" was held in Orel.

My lecture "Diagnosis: The Traveler", planned in three parts, one for each day of the festival, was received with interest by world-famous travelers. But, as they say, tell God about your plans and he will laugh - and it happened. The third part, in my opinion the most important, because of the time-bound regulation was not brought to the listeners. However, in this there was a plus, as this is the best reason to continue the relationship outside the festival and breaking the boundaries, regardless of the distance to complete the scheduled. Let's do it, my friends!

Nature-Friendly Strategy for Growing Innovation: the Placental Approach

Nature-Friendly Strategy for Growing Innovation: the Placental Approach

The creation of fertile innovative ecological environment in the country is constrained by barriers of a conceptual nature. The article identifies four groups of such barriers. The authors propose a strategy for overcoming them based on a comparison of functions necessary for the innovative development of social practices and the natural mechanisms of a new life birth. This allows us to formulate a number of pragmatic recommendations for creating an innovative eco-environment for a wide range of industries. By analogy with natural dynamics of obstetrics, the approach is called placental.

Keywords: innovation, innovation infrastructure, acceleration, eco-environment, placenta, development.

Гольцов Сергей ВикторовичПолучить онлайн-консультацию Записаться на приём в клинику Посетить интернет-магазин книг КОНСИЛИУМ (вход только докторам)

NEO-Clinic has been working for you for 12 years



I remember, in 2003, we sit on the floor in our apartment, we rake out papers and drafts, putting them in a box called "our dissertations" and dreaming aloud how to open the Clinic. Read more...

Continuing development

Continuing development

If you do not think about what development is, how can you do it? Or, even more so, to develop others ?! When the NEO-Clinic was created there was no understanding of strategy, mission or high goals. There was a need for development. Read more...

01 December 2017 – 18 December 2017

Author's cycle of lectures on dermatovenereology

The author's cycle of lectures and seminars will allow students to improve the skills of the dermatovenerologist to achieve excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases.


Matrix GO: "Lead with understanding!"

О самовоспитании и... лимфомах.

The article is available in the automatic translation.


Вот ведь как получается, друзья, с последипломным образованием.

Врач с опытом работы – это состоявшийся в медицинской культуре субъект, а стало быть речь не должна идти о его воспитании, ведь он уже воспитан, не так ли? Более того, он хозяин своей жизни и его деятельность творит результат, причем результат – социальный.

При этом, главная задачей врача остаётся его самовоспитание до конца жизни, и уж точно, всю его профессиональную деятельность. И, конечно, с возрастом, возникает только одна потребность – в наставниках, главной задачей которых – это вспоможение самовоспитанию. Не научение, а именно вспоможение. Далее... 

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