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Dermatovenerology. Observations photos

Goltsov Sergey


I planned this book a long time ago, when I myself, while still ordinarian of the Department of Skin and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, encountered difficulties in diagnosing. Being influenced by the descriptions of clinical manifestations of the rash by domestic and foreign authors, I formed my collection of pictures, wanting to consolidate what I saw. It is this relationship that has become a feature of this book, once again confirming the fact that the path to diagnosis is through the variety of symptoms that appear when examining the patient.

All skin diseases consist of a specific set of primary and secondary morphological elements and are characterized by certain variants of their transformation. Drawing attention to the sections of the book, thanks to which the systematization of the presented clinical cases has been achieved, dermatologists, venereologists, cosmetologists and oncologists will easily navigate the diagnostic path.

To show the visual connection of individual elements of a rash with a diagnosis or a unique clinical form was the goal of creating this visual aid to facilitate diagnosis and improve the quality of treatment for skin and mucous membrane diseases.

The book demonstrated more than 500 clinical cases of skin and mucosal pathology, including benign and malignant skin tumors, systematized according to the primary and secondary morphological elements typical for these diseases. The book is illustrated with original photographs from the personal practice of the author, each case is given a brief description. This edition is recommended to doctors of various specialties (dermatovenereologists, cosmetologists, oncologists), students of the postgraduate education system, interns and residents of higher medical schools, who are trained in the specialties "Dermatovenereology" and "Cosmetology", and also to students of senior courses of medical universities as a visual helper.

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Итого 700.00

Specialized edition. Only for doctors

Hard cover
Format edition 210 × 297 mm
More than 1000 photos
533 clinical cases
368 pages
Year published 2013
Photos of Goltsov S.V.
Corrector Rassokhina N.V.
Design, layout, illustrations Portnaya A.L.
Weight 2.3 kg

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