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7-serial film "KON-TIKI II: weary by the wind"

Segey Goltsov


There are travelers, but there are romantics who are not indifferent to the fate of the event and thanks to which this event is not forgotten, but leaves its mark on history. So, through the creation of the 7-series popular science film "KON-TIKI II: weary by the wind", I was lucky to remember my friends, rafts and live this expedition again.

Dedicated to the memory of the Russian doctor and TV journalist Yury Sienkiewicz ...



By pre-ordering the disc, you will receive it as one of the first in the gift box. And, wrapped up in a plaid, sitting in a cozy home chair, you are guaranteed an adventure on a raft of balsa in the center of the Pacific Ocean for a duration of 7 series of 26 minutes each, but which really lasted several months, during the international expedition KON-TIKI II, organized by a Norwegian Torgeir Higraff in 2016.









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Product details 

7-series popular science
Sergey Goltsov's film
"KON-TIKI II: weary by the wind"

Year of manufacture: 2017
Production of the TV channel "Tyumen time"
Age limit 12+
Duration 7 series, total duration 175 (minutes)
Full HD frame resolution (1920 x 1080 25p)
Compression H264
Frame rate 25
Frame ratio 16: 9
Sound in Russian
The sound is normalized to the level of 6 Db, without compression, frequency 48000 Hz, resolution 16 Bit
Subtitles in Russian
Rental ID: 213003617 dated 05/17/2017

As a full copyright holder I have the opportunity to negotiate any format of using the film.

The film became the Laureate of the All-Russian Festival of documentary films in the field of travel and tourism "Russian Traveler-2017" in the nomination "Adventure Russia" and the winner of the Moscow International Film Festival of Mountain and Adventure Films "Vertical" in the nomination "Adventure Films".









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