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Set: hardcover "The Way Home" and film "KON-TIKI II: weary by the wind "

Goltsov Sergey

Who is this set for

  • want to make an original gift
  • remembers the name of Thor Heyerdahl's legendary expedition Kon-Tiki
  • loves the nature
  • loves the Ocean
  • dreams of travels
  • likes photography
  • wants to follow people from different countries, one passionate about ideas, have teamed up to put new scientific and social experiment

Annotation to the book

The travel notes of the dermatologist, scientist, traveller and photographer Sergey Goltsov who in 2016 was a member of the International Scientific Expedition crew Kon-Tiki II as ship’s doctor. The book represents a Russian man’s outlook of the adventurous voyage of an international crew while crossing the Pacific ocean on balsa rafts. The book is based on the author’s blog posts which he shared online, fulfilling his promise to write about the events which took place on their way from Easter Island to the shores of South America. The reader follows the trip with the author’s eyes line after line starting with the preparation for the expedition up to the long-awaited fishing process while braving another gale. At the same time the author shares brilliant metaphors when showing a vivid and lively succession of the events happening on Easter Island, in the Pacific Ocean and on the Rahiti Tane raft itself; the author’s numerous photos from his personal archives and his reflections on the trip immerse the reader into the atmosphere of this unique journey significant from the historic and scientific point of view.

Annotation to the film

The film tells about a unique scientific and social experiment - the international expedition Kon-Tiki II. Inspired by Thor Heyerdahl, under the direction of his follower, the Norwegian Torgeir Higraff, people from different countries crossed the Pacific Ocean on balsa rafts from South America to Easter Island, and set off on a return trip that no one had done before.

Two Russian doctors, Boris Romanov and Sergey Goltsov, talk about their participation in this expedition, which was a tribute to the memory of Yuri Sienkiewicz - the famous Russian doctor, traveler and friend Thor Heyerdahl, the author of television programs and books, on which a whole generation of people grew up like traveling.




1200 ₽
Итого 1200

Products details 

Thу Way Home
Edition has 2 languages: Russian and English
Hard cover: 288 pages
Publication format: 205х260
650 illustrations
ISBN 978-5-00028-134-5
Year 2017

7-series popular science
Sergey Goltsov's film
"KON-TIKI II: weary by the wind"

Year of manufacture: 2017
Production of the TV channel "Tyumen time"
Age limit 12+
Duration 7 series, total duration 175 (minutes)
Full HD frame resolution (1920 x 1080 25p)
Sound in Russian
Subtitles in Russian
Rental ID: 213003617 dated 05/17/2012

As a full copyright holder I have the opportunity to negotiate any format of using the film.





Dermatoscopy of skin tumors
Тираж продан

Dermatoscopy of skin tumors
Getman Alexey

Chlamydial infection

Chlamydial infection
Strelnikov A.P., Goltsov S.V., Bushin E.V., Ermakova A.V.

Seroresistance for syphilis

Seroresistance for syphilis
Strelnikov A. P., Goltsov S.V., Bushin E. V., Ermakova A. V.

The Way Home

The Way Home
Goltsov Segey

Tyumen Oblast Dermatovenerologic Dispensary: yesterday, today, tomorrow.

Tyumen Oblast Dermatovenerologic Dispensary: yesterday, today, tomorrow.
Strelnikov A.P., Gontzov A.A., Goltsov S.V., Matusevich S.L.