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Сергей Гольцов
борюсь с духовной и материальной нищетой
Книга «Путь домой», С.В. Гольцов
Окунуться с головой в приключение и жизнь участников из разных стран экспедиции KON-TIKI II, пересекших Тихий океан на бальсовых плотах.

Путевой дневник врача-дерматолога, ученого, путешественника и фотографа, Сергея Гольцова в 2016 году сопровождавшего в качестве судового врача Международную научную экспедицию Kon-Tiki II. Строчка за строчкой, читатель проживает все путешествие вместе с автором – от сборов и подготовки к экспедиции до ловли долгожданной рыбы и противостояния очередному гейлу.

Впервые в мире со времен древних инков и за всю современную историю человечества, два примитивных плота из бальсы построенные по чертежам, найденным при археологических раскопках в Перу - Тупак Юпанки и Раити Тан, 18 февраля 2016 года в 7 часов утра по GMT+5 часов времени, пересекли южную широту на отметке в сорок градусов.

Автор показывает яркую и живую ленту произошедшего на острове Пасхи, в Тихом океане и собственно на плоту Раити Тан

Words can't express what it feels like to find yourself again in the familiar surroundings, among people without whom the boundless expanse of the ocean is so lonely and empty. Like a loose screw was I extracted from an effectively operating mechanism: scrunching and scraping tried to fit myself into another mechanism but failed. I had only to return to my own.. And our raft is again a complete and living entity. Even the creaking sound that the logs make is familiar, the dear old sound that acts as a tuning fork for you. The rolling and pitching has… also a familiar beat.

The hiss under the deck is followed by a growing roar; the wind as if it were an experienced dancer, makes a short turn to snatch a white foamy rose from the wavy locks of the wave-courtesan leaning back and surrendering itself completely. "Hold tight!.." came in multilingual chorus. And the white rose noisily disintegrates a thousand of hissing spraying petals covering us, our bamboo hut and then boiling and spinning and whirling like the frills of an evening dress train, sieves through the deck in the steps of the dancing couple.

Nature presented us with a spectacle yet unseen – a sunset on the background of divided air fronts. As if following our example of tidying up the sky and the ocean decided to swap places – wherever you look you see clouds of every tints of red, and as it determined to take the shape of waves, they ran into each other in slow movements beating a steady rhythm… The Ocean accepted the offer to swap parts by responding to the heaven by a slight, almost unnoticeable ripple. Their play was separated only by a thin streak of sunlight, but it also melting within an hour vanished taking along both the clouds and the waves as if opening the curtain on myriads
of stars in the jet black night sky.

Making us more than once retrace our steps on the vast water surface, keeping us tight in its bonds the Ocean wanted us to make our Way Home in ourselves first. Each of us staying on the raft in the Ocean was to find out where our home was and where we were going to come back to. The Ocean also wished each of us to do it whole-heartedly without ever looking back…

Искрометные метафоры, многочисленные фотографии и размышления автора погружают читателя в атмосферу уникального путешествия, имевшего историческую и научную значимость
Бумажная версия книги
с автографом автора
Бумажная версия книги
с автографом автора
и фильмом на DVD

Surprisingly powerful in emotional perception, strong in sincerity and incredibly beautiful book was received today from the hands of a friend, ship's doctor of the expedition of Kon-Tiki II and the physician of the expedition Alive Parallel ;) Sergey Goltsov. A moment of touching his creativity arises from a pure heart and a freely floating soul. I open the book ... it smells of the ocean, the wind and new adventures ...

Irina Protasova

hold in my hands an incredible book by Sergei Goltsov about his trip across the Pacific Ocean and I understand that I'm immensely happy! Thank you, Sergey, that you did not put off yours emotions and thoughts for a long time and gave me the opportunity to touch a part of history, human experiences and victories! A colorful book, and most importantly, written in a magical language, easy, clean, literary ..., exciting and taking you to childhood and the story of Captain Grant or the journey "Around the World in 80 days" ... Fantasy. Although not - a story that inspires us! Thank you!

Alyona Melnikova

The book is amazing !!! Thank you for this trip! Thanks for the book! Travel diary of the doctor-dermatologist, scientist, traveler and photographer Sergey Goltsov, who in 2016 accompanied the International scientific expedition Kon-Tiki II as a ship's doctor! Now I have a book!

Regina Burmistrova

Thanks a million Sergey Goltsov for the great book I picked up in my post box today!! Memories from 72 days on the raft Rahiti Tane on our Kon-Tiki2 scientific expedition last winter comes back.

Liv Arnesen

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Перевод на английский:
Альбина Горгоц,
Наталья Лобанова
Редактор: Мария Хожаева
Корректор: Наталья Рассохина
Рисунки: Александр Музланов
Дизайн, верстка: Анна Портная

Выходные данные
Издание на 2-х языках:
русском и английском
Формат издания: 205х260
Твердый переплет
650 иллюстраций
Объем: 288 страниц
ISBN 978-5-00028-134-5
Год издания: 2017