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Training in a new fashion!

“Testing site”, “a different approach to training”, “a new level of the training process” – this is how the students describe the training process in private establishment of continuing professional education for medical staff at “Neo Level”.

This is all about applying special approaches to the postgraduate education – problem approach, activity approach and context-based approach when teaching is interpreted in the context of one’s professional activity diverging from an academic presentation of the scientific knowledge as the students of “Neo Level” are medical practitioners and specialists themselves.

“I’m very glad that I got my training with a highly-skilled professional. I gained a large bundle of knowledge. I enjoyed that atmosphere of informal interaction in the course of the training process, and the trainer’s openness just contributed to creating the atmosphere of confidence”.

«The informal atmosphere and the lecturer’s openness made our interaction easy and natural. The informal setting encourages a better comprehension of the material».

«The atmosphere in the classroom is quite comfortable. A very interesting delivery of the material for themedical practitioners with some experience. I could listen to Sergey Viktorovich forever when he talks about dermatology».

These three references from the students of our recent advanced training course on “Urgent issues of dermatology” we got on June, 11 when we handed in the state-recognized certificates to our course leavers.

The yesterday’s students of the course on dermatovenereology are medical practitioners, that is why, for the extra-mural part of the course they were offered a more useful and interesting approach instead of preparing reports and course papers. Every student was asked to make 10 questions concerning dermatovenereology, explain why these questions disturb them most and describe 2 cases of their medical practice to be discussed and “played” in class.

Every lecture and every lecturer of the course came as a surprise. The students gained knowledge and answers to their questions as well as experience and a better comprehension of a new dermatovenereology judgment. The students themselves made adjustments to the training process and material delivery.

This course was also special because there were activity books designed for the course – an applicable training tool with visual aid, tasks and reference materials. Despite the big size and volume – over 200 pages – the activity book was used during the classes: the students made notes and wrote down thoughts which came to mind.

The last day of the course was very busy: after analysis of the issues and difficult medical cases with the students and then the lecture by Professor Dorodneva Elena Feliksovna on the nutrition science in case of skin diseases, there was held a ceremony for handing in certificates of advanced training.

And no one could do without pleasant surprises and presents, words of gratitude to every trainer and managers of “Neo Level” who made the training process most comfortable for every student.

The geographical boundaries of “Neo level” are expanding – the course leaver Baranova Yuliya Igorevna will bring her certificate to the city of Petrozavodsk, and Klimkina Elena Vasiliyevna – to the Kurgan region.

Everybody – the yesterday’s students and trainers – having returned to their patients will increase their diagnostic abilities and continue providing assistance to the patients on a higher level of proficiency!


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