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Сергей Гольцов
борюсь с духовной и материальной нищетой

I wish you were sick with me...

– Honey, what can I bring you from the expedition?
– You may bring what they want, now all treated...

This short dialogue with my wife, colleagues, I want to go to the site the Jungle of dermatology to find a place for an integral part of our specialty, which always hides in the disguise of garments, and social twists and turns of life, manifesting itself unexpectedly, and event and frighteningly, like a bird taking off from the thick foliage. Her name is venereology. 

Like an insidious sorceress, she comes with a Royal gait at the moment of creation of the mystery of hormonal communication and her magic of lust seizes the mind of people, adding piquancy to their relations of consequences. We, doctors, dermatologists, forced to follow his Queen left its traces of the chancre, gnusnyh alopecia, and purulent discharge, broken eyelashes and broken lives… 

It happened 20 years ago. Then, all dermatovenerologists of the Tyumen region, and I among them, were mobilized in epidemiological work, about the unprecedented spread of syphilis. And so, I sit at the reception, then another resident of the Department of skin and venereal diseases, the door opens and a luxurious woman comes into the office. Her natural beauty was set off by her tasteful clothes and expensive jewelry. The fragrance of perfumery completed the image of the socially high status of a stranger.

But strangers, we were only internally, since its appearance in my office was not voluntary. She turned out to be the wife of a gentleman, whom our epidemiological group identified as positive for syphilis blood during the medical examination and, of course, she was called on the agenda as sexual contact. It should be noted that she was not only not embarrassed by the invitation to the regional skin and venereal clinic, but she came with... a young, very nice-looking girl, in appearance and relations between them it looked like she was her daughter. By no means. 

When I told her what was the reason for our meeting, and that her husband was sick with syphilis and that she would be treated after my examination and tests, but "everything will be fine", my interest switched to another guest – it was necessary to find out who she is a luxurious woman and what brought her as an escort to the venereologist? 

It turned out that the cute girl was not the daughter not a relative, she was a maid, on Thursdays washes Windows and cleans their apartment, receiving a salary commensurate with mine for a month. So, the luxurious woman said that when she received a summons to appear in the dispensary, she wisely decided to take with him and the maid, suspecting that the case is not clean. 

Thanking her for her foresight, I invited the girl behind the screen, where she was majestically waiting for the embodiment of the horror of all women – gynecological chair. After the examination, there was no doubt that she was sick, too, and I was afraid that now my office would become the epicenter of the drama. However…

Continuing to comfort the young lady, the luxurious woman calmly asked me to prescribe them both the best medicine. And, sincerity it at this moment was not to occupy. Here already I, excited by lack of scandal of the opened love triangle, asked her:
– How do you react so calmly to your husband's infidelity?
– Oh, you've seen him, doctor?  she asked, picking up a silk handkerchief that had slipped from her chair and slowly tying it to the handles of her handbag. After my short nod, she continued.: 
– I have such a beautiful, and nodding at the girl, continued, – how could she refuse him?


p.s. Beauty will save not only this world, but also venereologists from unemployment.